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About the project

The 3C Eco-house is a project that is changing the game for sustainable building materials and access to housing, while employing women and young people from underserved communities in the process.

Developed by 3C Construcciones, an Argentinian social enterprise, it allows to turn any plastic waste into eco-blocks (Block 3C)for building beautiful, fully-fledged houses. 3C’s method doesn’t require any water or electricity, and it’s suitable for unskilled labourers.

3C Eco-house is a project that provides affordable, high-quality building solutions, generating a social, economic, and environmental impact. The process, machinery, and technology have all been tested and certified to comply with quality construction requirements.

The formula

100 big plastic bottles (PET) = 1 Block 3C

 1  60m2 house = 85-90 Blocks 3C of 3 assembled components

1  60m2 house = 1.026 kg of plastic waste = 27.000 plastic bottles recycled


Social and financial integration, Social entrepreneurship, Recycling, Climate change, Sustainable cities, Green economy

Type of license

A license agreement with replication fee (800 USD). Territory: the replication is allowed anywhere without limitation, with few exceptions for the Argentine area.

Type of project

Social enterprise

Required funds

24.000 USD (on average) for a 60m2 house


Córdoba, Argentina – 2015

Complexity level



Young people and adults, Vulnerable communities, Marginalized groups and poor people.

Context compatibility

This project is most compatible with areas with high rates of poverty, substantial housing deficits, and continuous disposal of large amounts of plastic waste. The houses are ideal for young, price-conscious, and/ or environmentally concerned families.

Sustainable Development Goals addressed

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Economic development: The project help boosts the local economy and employs building and recycling suppliers and operators, thus reducing the logistic costs and operations.

Reduced Inequality

Reduced Inequality

Social development: It tackles housing shortage while generating not only housing but also job opportunities for people in need. 3C trains and teaches all the actors involved in sustainable construction, thus achieving a sustainable and democratic knowledge about architecture.

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Sustainable Cities and Communities

Environmental development: The project turns plastic waste into valuable building blocks, allows setting a new productive chain and a differentiated waste collection system that involves local communities.

This Blueprint includes the manuals and audiovisual materials to:

  • Build the machinery needed to assemble the 3C housing block
  • Produce the 3C blocks with recycled plastic waste (such as bag and packaging)
  • Build an eco-house with the 3C process and technology.

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About the Originator

3C Construcciones 3C Construcciones

3C is a "Type B" social enterprise based in Córdoba (Argentina). It is led by entrepreneurs from Agua de Oro - a nearby town - and the Quinua Arquitectura studio. This social enterprise has developed an industrial process to reuse plastic waste and convert them into eco-blocks for building construction. The 3C’s process doesn’t require any water or electricity, and it’s suitable for unskilled labourers. Such 3C Blocks provide affordable high-quality building solutions, generating a social, economic and environmental impact. AWARDS: Among the various awards obtained locally, 3C was selected for the 2nd National PROESUS Contest "Sustainable Entrepreneurship 2018". This award is given by the Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development of Argentina.