3c Eco-house

3c Eco-house

Project’s main steps


1. Plan ahead: resources, tools and partners needed

Make a plan: check all the resources, tools and permits required (see “Resources-checklist” for the full list) and start gathering everything you need to run the waste recollection programs, assemble the 3C Block production and build 3C Eco-house.




2. Partnerships: find key allies, beneficiaries and customers

Map the different actors and partners that would make the difference for this project, such as companies, municipalities, builders, third sector organisations, etc. You can find the full list in the Blueprint.




3. Action

Build and test the necessary types of machinery to assemble the 3C Block. Organise workshops to train the beneficiaries and turn them into professional builders. Assemble the 3C Blocks and start building the 3C Eco-house.




4. Track and improve your impact

Track down key parameters and data in order to monitor your impact and plan for improvements, like the amount of plastic collected and beneficiaries serves.




5. Engage with your community!

Let others know about your project, and invite others to join you! Use #3C and #Impacton on your social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) to share images, videos, information and insights about the project during its development, we’ll amplify your message!