3c Eco-house


3c Eco-house

Resources checklist

Efforts required to start a replication

This section sums up all the necessary resources and materials, skills, key allies permits, to replicate the Blueprint in your local context.

You will need to change and adapt some of the “ingredients” of this general recipe to your context, so we ask you to make a broad/flexible reading of the information. In the complete Blueprint, you will discover how to do it and the different results (you could also find advice from other replicators).


6 total months on average:

  • 3 months for the company/factory set-up
  • 3-6 months for a 60m2 house construction

Special skills

  • Expertise in the construction field (technical advises for the 3C-houses production, such as architects and engineers)
  • Work with iron and metals (as a blacksmith, for the manufacture of specific types of machinery)

Key allies and expertise

  • Waste collection and recycling organisations
  • Expert in local community engagement and training
  • Builders
  • People/entities can help you fundraise the necessary means
  • Legal and regulatory (permits and so on…)

Tools & Materials

1) For the Block 3C production and assembly

3C-machinery (video and manuals* necessary to build these tools are available in the Blueprint)

  • “Prensa mecánica” (mechanical press to condense plastic waste)
  • “Pre-bastidora and bastidora” (a templating tool to assemble both the bricks and the pillars of the construction)

Raw material

  • Plastic waste (bottles, packaging, bags, plastic films, etc.)
  • Wooden sticks
  • Recovered oil like that one recovered from cars)
  • Polypropylene tying straps

For the 3C-machinery assembling

  • Iron bars/tubes
  • metal rods, veneers
  • Screws, pulleys, hinges
  • Winch

Basic construction tools

  • Protection tools (glasses, gloves, etc.)
  • Cement mixer
  • Grinder
  • Hammer
  • Pneumatic nailer and compressor
  • Chop saw
  • Scissors, cutter
  • Cement mixer, bucket and spade
  • Metallic bracket
  • Measuring tape
  • Electric welder
  • Drill
  • Basin or container

2) For a 3C-house construction


  • “Andamio” (scaffolding)

Manuals* (available in the Blueprint)

  • “Sistema 3C” (3C system – Technical steps of a housing construction)
  • Manual for creating the “Andamio” (scaffolding)
  • Construction plans and examples of 3C-housing types

Key elements (complete list available in the manuals)

  • Stapler
  • Framing tool
  • Foundations (horizontal and vertical insulating layer, subfloor)
  • Wall and ceilings (materials by plaster, sheet metal ceiling)
  • Terminations (wall and floor covering, paint, openings, plumbing and electricity system, toilets …)

*All the manuals are in Spanish, and soon they will be available in English. The contents are mostly visual and allow you to follow the process anyways.

Location and logistic

  • Collection and transport of materials
  • Work office/space
  • Electricity

Laws & Certifications

  • Legal entity (whether you wish to establish yourself as a commercial organisation or as an organisation of the third sector)
  • Local legislation related to collection, transport and disposal of waste
  • Both Block 3C and house-3C construction and sales permits (for-profit model)

Type of license

  • A license agreement with replication fee (800 USD)
  • Territory: the replication is allowed anywhere without limitation with few exceptions for the Argentine area (for more details see Unlock the full Blueprint)


Required construction cost funds per house

  • 24,000 UDS on average construction cost per 60m2 home – including materials, labour and machinery manufacturing. In the Argentine context, this amount is half that of a conventional brick house.

All data and information in this section are indicative of the context of the origin of the project. They will vary according to the place where the project is replicated.