3c Eco-house


3c Eco-house

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What is a “Blueprint”?

A Blueprint is the recipe of a project, a toolkit that includes all the key ingredients, elements and steps necessary to replicate and adapt it to your specific context.

A Blueprint brings together the knowledge and experience of the project creator, ad it combines it with the insights collected by who adopted and reimplemented the project in different parts of the world.

Replicating a Blueprint project: how does it work?

Find below the step-by-step process



1. Choose the project you want to replicate

Use these toolkits to build upon what works, and make it happen in your own way. You will join a global movement of people and organisations committed to coming together to share the best impact formulas everywhere they’re needed.




2. Start the replication process

It will take about 15-20 minutes. This step is led by our AI tool, PIA, and it enables you to explore and elaborate where, why, how, and with whom you’d like to replicate the project!

Your answers will be shared between the project creator and us, to keep them informed about the developments of his formula worldwide.



Get your license

3. Open our confirmation email

In 3 working days, we will review your answers and send you simple instructions to move the next steps and get into action.




4. Review the agreements and licence applied to the project

Some of our Blueprints are open source, some have a free licence and others have a licence fee applied. You can learn more about this here

Regardless of the type of licence, we’ll send you an email with the details for you to review in order to move forward. You’ll be sent instructions on how to create your user profile,  review the conditions to use the Blueprint and, if applied, pay online the licence fee that will unlock the full content of the project.



Get your license

5. All set! Make the project happen in your community

Start improving and adapting the project to your local context, and inviting others to join you!

You can share your feedback at every step, and you can book a session with our Impacton team: we provide dedicated guidance to help you find the best way to make this project happen in your community.

Do you want to start this project? These are the key details to remember:

  • The annual license agreement has a fixed replication fee (800 USD)
  • Duration of the licence: 1 year. You can learn more about this here
  • Territory: the replication is allowed anywhere without limitation, except for the replicator requests coming from the Argentine area. We will put you in contact directly with the creators of the 3C project.

This Blueprint includes the manuals and audiovisual materials to:

  • Build the machinery needed to assemble the 3C housing block
  • Produce the 3C blocks with recycled plastic waste (such as bag and packaging)
  • Build an eco-house with the 3C process and technology.


Why is there a licence applied?

  • We create a space of collaboration between every project originator and all the collaborators interested in re-applying the project in new locations, which includes shared responsibility;
  • Not all the licences have a fee;
  • Some of our Blueprints are social enterprises who own intellectual property, and a license fee allows them to capitalise on several years of work and investments while saving time and resources to who will replicate the project.
  • We guide each client in applying soft-licenses, with amounts that adapt from country to country, in order to make them accessible while still keeping away non-serious potential collaborators.
  • In case of emergencies, licenses don’t apply (this includes environmental/ecological disasters, health and personal emergency, countries and locations flagged for emergency state). Our replication tool will ask you if you are having an emergency, and by accepting the terms of liability the Blueprint will automatically unlock. Our team will then review your emergency claim.
  • Some licences have geographical restrictions. For example, in some cases, the replication is allowed anywhere without limitation, except for the originator’s own country or area. You will find all these details in the agreement that we’ll send you for review.

Here you can read the full version of our replication agreement.

What is the license fee for?

With your help, the creators will receive funds to keep improving and spreading their formula for sustainable impact. 70% of this money will be used to fund the project creator’s future work. What is left, will help us to let this project grow and be spread worldwide.

Are you ready to begin?