House Recovery Program

House Recovery Program

Resources checklist


Below is  a list of the key resources, materials, permits and skills needed to implement this project.  Please remember that some tools or resources might need to be adapted or substituted, depending on your circumstances.


To run 2-week urban renovation camp involving 30-50 volunteers, to renovate up to 4-5 houses you would need:

People & time

6 total months (average):

      • SET-UP: 5 months 
          • Up to 5 months to engage with the local municipality, beneficiaries, suppliers, partners and builders
          • Up to 1 month for the volunteer selection, engagement and training
      • CAMP: 2  weeks

The above parameters refer to one full-time dedication person.


      • Leadership and program management
        to run the camp, coordinate the volunteers and involve the beneficiaries
      • Partners engagement
        to collaborate effectively with local companies, suppliers and builders
      • Fundraising and budgeting
        to collect and manage the necessary funds to run the camp and the renovation activities
      • Communication
        to set up the necessary material to engage with sponsors and suppliers
      • Impact analysis
        to evaluate camp success and need for improvement
      • Construction (basic knowledge)
        to plan and monitor the renovation, supported by local construction experts.

Key partners

      • Local construction experts and suppliers
        to evaluate, plan, execute and monitor the renovation activities
      • Local Municipalities
        to map partners, houses to fix and beneficiaries, and facilitate the necessary permits and construction activities
      • Beneficiaries (such as house owner, renter or building managers)
        to identify the specific interventions needed
      • Security expert 
        to ensure compliance with local regulations
      • Donors and funding partners 
        to provide financing or in-kind sponsorships for the camp and all the activities
      • Local third sector organisations
        to monitor and engage the beneficiaries, support the logistics (in kind donations).
      • Local suppliers
        to get the necessary construction materials.

Depending on your local circumstances, it might be necessary to also involve: 

      • Legal advisor 
        to formalize agreements with partners, suppliers, and beneficiaries
      • Volunteering networking 
        to find who will join the camps

Tools & Materials

Basic construction and decoration resources

Tip: you can collect material in bulk and then use it for multiple camps.

      • Protective equipment (in compliance with the local law)
        to work safety
      • Plasterer & tiler tools
        to get the walls ready for your interventions
      • Paint and decoration materials
      • Construction tools and equipment
        to execute bigger structural interventions
      • Cleaning materials
        for the final cleanup.

Specific construction materials and tools

Depending on the particular needs of the building or houses that you’ll renovate you will  need specific tools and materials. This list should be defined together with your team and local construction expert, once you do the local assessment.

Documents and agreements

For sponsorship and suppliers, public partnership, beneficiary engagement. You can find all the templates in the library section.

Electricity and water

Depending on the renovation plan, you may need electricity and water connections in the field in order to run the camp.


You’ll find the complete library of documents, list of all the tools and resources and manuals in the the unlocked Blueprint! All the complete documents are currently provided in Portuguese, but English versions will be available soon.

Location and logistics


      • Work office/space (for the camp team)
      • Overnight accommodation for volunteers and sanitation facilities
      • Canteen or kitchen to cook the meals.


      • Vans/cars to collect and transport people and materials
      • Warehouse or temporary storage facility to store all your materials and resources before and during the camp.

Laws & Certifications

      • Personal insurance for everyone involved in the renovation activities
      • Construction and renovation permits.

Remember: in order to sign official partnerships, you’ll need to operate with an organisation or legal entity.


To run a 2-week urban renovation camp involving 30-50 volunteers, and renovating up to 5 houses you will need on average 25,000 EURO.

      • This includes everything: team, materials and logistics
      • This can be lower if you involve local partners for in-kind donations of materials and construction tools, vans for transportation, etc…
      • This amount is an average calculated in Portugal, Europe. It will vary depending on your location.
      • The number of volunteers and the necessary budget depend on the  number of houses you want to fix.

In this toolkit you’ll find a budget calculator template to identify the exact amount of funding you’ll need.

Type of license

This Blueprint has a soft licence. After you agree to the terms of the licence and complete the necessary steps with Impacton and the Originator all the parts of the Blueprint will unlock for you to use.


This project may required a licence fee. We make all Replication Fee flexible, therefore this amount will vary depending on your exact location.

geography range: global

Anyone can adopt and replicate this project, anywhere.

For Portugal, depending on the exact location, the Originator might want to partner with you directly instead of doing an autonomous replication. 

Important: All the information  of this section is indicative.
They are based on the experience and references of the Originator and current Replicators. Some of these elements might vary significantly depending on your location. The Blueprint is designed to guide you and identify how to maximise the impact for your own context.


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